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As a small business, Food Chain Intelligence believes in the “power of one” : the commitment that people around the world make with themselves and with society to create a better world, through individual acts of kindness and courage.

In this spirit, FCI has supported the following pledges from people in our social network:

-Raymundo Peñaloza's participation in the Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival on 19th September, 2010. Ray raised funds for Cancer Council Australia, a national non-government organisation that aims to reduce the impact of cancer, improve early etection and treatment and improve care for people affected by cancer.

-Carolyn Lee’s “Less is More” campaign. Carolyn combined her personal goal to reach a healthier lifestyle with her desire to help the Sunrise Children’s Villages by inviting others to give a financial donation to the SCV in support of her reaching her goal. The Villages are two orphanages in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh run by The Australia Cambodia Foundation.

-Silvia Estrada's Yoga Aid pledge. The Yoga Aid Challenge consisted in completing a 2 hour Yoga practice on Nov 15 2009. The charity I supported was Football United!, a not for profit organisation which assists refugee children, youth and their families whom have experienced extremely difficult life situations, in their transition into Australian society.

-Nick Smale’s participation in the London Marathon in April 26, 2009. Nick raised funds for Family Action, a UK organisation that offers pragmatic support to families in need.

These small contributions can make a huge difference to others by both providing extra incentive to the individual to reach their goal, and benefiting the chosen charity they have selected to fundraise for. Small businesses have a genuine role in championing corporate social responsibility within their financial possibilities.


Business citizenship is also about engaging with State and Federal Governments for the betterment of the industry. Food Chain Intelligence has responded to the following calls for submissions:

(1) The Garnaut Climate Change Review.

(2) The Mortimer Review on Review of Export Policies and Programs.

(3) The Cutler Review of the National Innovation System.

(4) The Senate’s inquiry about food production in Australia.

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