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Posters and Presentations

This list encompasses FCI's presentations with no proceedings published. (also see conference proceedings)

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Perishables supply chains. Workshop presentation. University of South Australia and Logistics Association of Australia. Adelaide, Australia. 25 March 2011.

Supply chain management tools for shelf-life extension. Second Symposium of the Food Safety Centre. TIAR-University of Tasmania. 11 February 2011.

Perishables supply chains. Workshop presentation. University of Western Sydney and Logistics Association of Australia. Sydney, Australia. 19 May 2010.

The Modern Food Supply Chain -A fresh approach. IBS 2010 Executive Industry Insights. Melbourne, Australia.12 May 2010.

Food distribution systems in a climate-challenged future: Victorian fruit and vegetable products as a case study. Sustainable food manufacturing forum, Session 3. CSIRO Food & Nutritional Sciences. 16 February 2010. Sydney, Australia.

Emerging trends in US logistics. Breakfast Meeting, Logistics Association of Australia Ltd. Sydney, Australia. 18 February 2009.

Strategic analyses of food industry sectors

Innovation in ready-to-eat foods. Invited presentation. FoodTech Connect 2009. Rosehill Gardens, Sydney. 22 Oct 2009.

Innovation in the fresh-cuts industry. Invited presentation. FoodTech Connect 2009. Rosehill Gardens, Sydney. 22 Oct 2009.

Understanding the role of innovation in food supply chains. Invited presentation. Wine Supply Chain Council meeting. Melbourne, Australia. 14 Jan 2009.

Overview of the Australian Food Industry.Invited presentation in the 'Path to Market' workshop, organised by the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise agency. 21st July 2008. Sydney, Australia.

Refrigerated transport and cold chain regulations

Mobile refrigeration. Presentation in the short course: Achieving temperature control and energy efficiency in the cold chain. Proc. 1st Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain. Cambridge, UK.March 29-31, 2010. International Institute of Refrigeration. Comm C2, D1, D2. .

The challenges of cold chain logistics: Ensuring temperature control along the total supply chain. The 5th Annual PharmaMed Logistics 2008. 8-9 September 2008. Sydney , Australia.

Avances Tecnologicos en Transporte Refrigerado (Technological advances in refrigerated transport). 30th Anniversary of Food Engineering in the National University of Mexico. Sept 5-9, 2007. C. Izcalli, Mexico.

Important factors affecting performance of cold chains for perishable products. Short course. In collaboration with N Smale and D Tanner. Aug 25, 2007. 22nd Int Cong Ref.  Beijing, China.

Influence of Solar Radiation Loads on Storage and Transport Systems. Seminar 55: Energy Efficient Refrigerated Storage and Transport System Design.  American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Winter Meeting, Jan 27-31, 2007. Dallas, TX, USA.

Temperature regulations during the transport of perishables in Australia. Invited presentation in the Symposium: Cold Chain: A Food Safety Challenge. IUFOST 13th World Congress of Food Science & Technology. 17-21 Sept 2006. Nantes, France

Cold chain logistics: technology and innovations. PharmaMed Logistics Summit. March 6-7, 2006. Sydney, Australia.

Cold chain monitoring to ensure product safety and integrity. 5th Annual Food Safety Conference, May 17-18, 2006. Auckland, NZ.

Practical aspects during testing of refrigerated trucks. Supply Chain Forum: “The Australian Standard for Refrigerated Road Vehicles”, Food Science Australia, Dec 2005. Sydney, Australia.

Regulations during the road transport of perishable foods. AIFST (Tasmania Branch). Sept 2005. Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Safe temperature regulations during the road transport of perishable foods. 38th Annual AIFST Convention. 10-13 July 2005. Sydney, Australia.

Current Australian regulations in the refrigerated road transport of temperature -sensitive products: Practical aspects. Cold Chain Distribution for Pharmaceutical Products. IQPC conference. June 2004. Sydney, Australia.

Regulations on the transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. Workshop lecture in: Pharmaceutical and Medical Logistics Conference. Lloyd’s Register conference. Sydney, Australia. Nov 10-12,2003. Sydney, Australia.

Transport technology for fresh produce: Improving your cold chain through knowledge of transport systems. Sept 2003. APEC Symposium on Postharvest Handling Systems. Bangkok, Thailand.

Strengthening your supply chain through down-to-earth innovation. Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Lecture Series. October 2002. Sydney,Australia.


Mathematical modelling in the food industry. March, 1999. Universidad de las Américas. Puebla, Mexico

Mathematical modelling of heat transfer across walls. April, 1999. The National University of Mexico. Mexico DF.

Development of scientific software as an educational tool in Chemical Engineering. Cómputo en Educación. Cómputo 98 (40 Años de Cómputo en México), UNAM.  Nov 1998. Mexico,DF.

Modelling of thermal behaviour of walls for refrigerated rooms.  Feb 1998.  Seminar Series. Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM). Mexico DF.

Global overview of mathematical models applied to food refrigeration and freezing.  August, 1997. FES-C (UNAM). Mexico DF.

Mathematical and experimental methods to determine thermal properties in foodstuff.  September, 1997. Food Engineering Week, Simon Bolivar University, Mexico DF.

Thermal modelling of phase changes of refrigerant in a pressure vessel.  5th Congress of Chemistry of North America. Nov 11–15, 1997. Cancun, Q.R. Mexico.


Comparison of artificial feeds in the culture of Penaeus vannammei. International Conference of Food Science and technology. Sept 16-18, 1992. La Habana, Cuba.

Experimental evaluation of the critical operations in the manufacture of pelleted feed for crustaceans. International Conference of Food Science and technology. Sept 16-18, 1992. La Habana, Cuba.


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