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The food industry is a global business. Communication and collaboration are not only necessary across the chain but also internationally, as many supply chains require sourcing and delivering food products across borders.

The need for collaboration also rings true in the process of knowledge creation: FCI believes that "knowledge networks" or clusters of collaborators working at various stages of the innovation cycle are required to tackle borderless supply chain projects. Collaborative innovation, or co-innovation, can enable Australia and the rest of the world to supply safe, wholesome and affordable food in an environmentally-challenge future.

Our collaborators

Momenta is an international company of professionals and technical experts with years of experience in the agri-food sector. Their goal is to provide professional and technical expertise to increase operators impact on the agri-food chain. The company offices are located in Northwestern Italy, a region well known for its agri-food production.

Since 1986 Thermoview has been operating as an independent company utilising infrared technology (thermography). Thermography has almost inexhaustible applications for industry and commerce, tempered only by knowledge, application and imagination. Thermoview is committed to pushing the boundaries to ensure industry and commerce reaps the benefits from this technology. FCI and Thermoview are working on the development of thermography as a tool to detect heat leakages through the insulation of cold stores, buildings and refrigerated equipment.

The Vegetable Crops group at the University of Torino (Italy) is working in the development and the strengthening of the production chain, through reserach projects about the quality and composition of horticultural products, certification of quality brand and traceability. Our collaborator is Dr Silvana Nicola. Silvana is a Professor and Researcher at theUniversity of Torino and Chair of the Section Vegetables of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).




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